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Antique 19th Century Repoussé Brass, Mirror & Wood Hall Cupboard / Antique Cushion Mirror Valet Cabinet -

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Antique 19th Century Repoussé Brass, Mirror & Wood Hall Cupboard / Antique Cushion Mirror Valet Cabinet -

This beautiful mirrored cabinet is a unique and special piece!  It is made of ornate embossed brass, over wood. The repoussé brass (both inside and out) has a wonderful aged patina. The cabinet door opens, but there is not a handle so you have to grasp the edge to pull open- it does latch shut well. The mirrors are in good condition. The brass has lifted slightly away from the frame around the mirror in a few areas, but is still connected by several nails. There are also maybe 2 nails missing around the mirror , but the metal pieces are being held by other nails.  The top of the piece on the front has some visible glue on the right side around a nail. There is also glue visible on the back side. There is a wire to hang with. The backer piece is coming away from the back in several spots- it is holding with just a few nails now but this is something that would or could need repaired if you wanted to use the cabinet. If you open the cabinet door you can see space between the backer and the edge of the inside frame- if just hanging for decor it should not be a problem. See all the photos for condition. Feel free to ask questions.

24" tall x 13.75" wide x 3.5"- inside cabinet is about 2" deep. 

The majority of the items in my shop are vintage or antique, e.g., have been used. Vintage and antique items by their very nature have some wear, imperfections, and signs of age/time. This is what gives them their character, charm, and collectability. Please examine the photos carefully for any flaws that I may have missed in my description. My photos are considered part of the item’s description. Also, please feel free to message for more photos and or details.