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Antique Coin Purse - Silver Coin Purse- Mini Coin Purse

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O my my my... can you believe the cuteness in one piece? This is a miniature coin purse and I would maybe assume it was for a child, but these were also used to attach to Victorian Dresses or a chatelain, but there is not the typical clip that would attach it to a belt. Regardless it is amazing. It is so small and studded around the silver frame of the bag. The outside on either side is a metal very thin mesh. There is a small chain at the top of the bag. The purse is  about 3.5" wide by about 2.5" tall or almost 4" with the chain. The inside does have a stamp in the metal inside frame, but I can not make it out. The purse still clasps open and close well. It has a blue interior and has a small slot that would have at one time clasped again within the purse, but the clasp is not working internally. When I got this gem there was a piece of paper in it that was folded and when I opened it it said "Mildred F. Allen Henry, IL" and I chose to believe Mildred was the owner and wanted to make sure if ever found it could get back to her. 

The majority of the items in my shop are vintage or antique, e.g., have been used. Vintage and antique items by their very nature have some wear, imperfections, and signs of age/time. This is what gives them their character, charm, and collectability. Please examine the photos carefully for any flaws that I may have missed in my description. My photos are considered part of the item’s description. Also, please feel free to message for more photos and or details.