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Antique Peoria Pottery 12 SIDED Old Canning Crock Jar- Brown Salt Glaze 7" tall

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This is a Antique Peoria Pottery 12 SIDED Old Canning Crock Jar- Brown Salt Glaze 7" tall. It is such a neat almost barrel looking jar. It could certainly be used as a vase now or great for decor on its own too. The vase opening is about 2.25" diameter but the top is 3.75" diameter. There are some imperfections in the pottery but that is what gives this kind of pottery character- no cracks. Some variation in the brown glaze as you turn it which is really pretty. Some interesting history about Peoria Pottery below: "Although several small pottery firms operated in Peoria by the late 1850s, the Peoria Pottery Company, opened in 1864, was the most successful, producing large quantities of utilitarian stoneware for 38 years. The pottery's principal owner after 1876 was Lydia Moss Bradley (1816–1908), a wealthy local bank president, philanthropist, and the founder of Bradley Polytechnic Institute (now Bradley University). Peoria Pottery's products were utilitarian: fruit and canning jars, butter pots, churns, cuspidors, pitchers, and water coolers, along with bowls, crocks, and jugs in a variety of sizes. Output was prodigious: in April 1875, the Peoria Daily Transcript reported that the pottery produced 500,000 flower pots, 36,000 fruit jars, and 100,000 milk pans each year. They also produced thousands of bricks, along with terra cotta lawn ornaments, window boxes, and umbrella stands. The company's two traveling salesmen, constantly on the road, assured that tons of pottery was sold every day. The pottery ceased business in 1902, as a result of the era's consumers' increasing preference for storage containers of tin and glass."