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Vintage Cake Topper - Wedding Cake Topper- Bridal Party -Chalkware

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Vintage Cake Topper - Wedding Cake Topper- Bridal Party -Chalkware 

This is such a sweet display! I love that they have the bridal party! The pieces have some wear and damage to them-

The bride and groom are lovely but there is a chip in the chalkware base of them- they stand about 4.5" tall. The bridesmaid has a tulle skirt around her that is wearing away but she is pretty and looks like she could be the sister to the bride. The base has chipping around the edge. About 4" tall. The groom is about 4.5" tall and has chipping in his base as well. The bridesmaid is adorable 2.5" tall and in a pale green dress. Please review all photos.

Bonus item: I am including this arch but in as is condition and as received. I will pack it well, but it is very brittle! It has some missing lattice that has broken away. There is a possibility that in shipping that more could come loose.