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Vintage Cathedral Window Quilt - Colorful Quilt - Quilt

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This gorgeous vintage quilt is a cathedral window quilt! In my humble opinion this style of quilt is the BEST kind of quilt. It is very hard and time consuming to actually make so you truly do not see many out in the wild! This quilt is most likely from the 60's-70's because of the fabrics used. The binding is purple. The size is about 90"x73". There are really no noticeable issues on this quilt front. There are no obvious stains on the front - there are a few stained spots on the white backer. If you know where the stains are on the back there are a few tinted yellow spots on the front side but they really are hard to find unless you know where to look. The fabrics are amazing. The colors are brilliantly used! 

Just a true beauty!

The majority of the items in my shop are vintage or antique, e.g., have been used. Vintage and antique items by their very nature have some wear, imperfections, and signs of age/time. This is what gives them their character, charm, and collectability. Please examine the photos carefully for any flaws that I may have missed in my description. My photos are considered part of the item’s description. Also, please feel free to message for more photos and or details.