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The Antiqueher

Vintage Head Vase, Vintage photos, and antique books

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The Lovely Lady: A. Tiny Photo Grouping- about 2x2" and qty 10 little photos- unusual little photos but they all are on a card stock paper and have little borders around them.(not metal)-  B. Umbrella Head Vase- No umbrella, but look how darling she is with her little flower. She stands about 5" tall and has some paint drips and very minor paint loss. No chips or cracks.-  C. Autograph/schoolmate book late 1800's- little poems and sweet comments to Florence-D. 2 Antique Books- One is Silas Marner the blue with the amazing flower cover-6.5"x4.5". The other is an old poetry book is Poems by Two Brothers by Alfred Lord Tennyson- poor condition this one is 6"x4"- this one has binding that is falling apart but it could still be displayed and stacked. -  E. 2 Sequin Pins, 1 Gold pin, and 2 paper advertisements - I believe one of the embroidered pins says India on the back- and one gold cameo pin- about 2-2.25" in length each-