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Antique Tin- Antique Cinnamon Tin with Hinged Lid- Tin General Store Spice Box

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Antique Tin- Antique Cinnamon Tin with Hinged Lid- Spice Box

This antique beauty is most likely Victorian Era general store time period that held spices for sale! This one still has a label that says Cinnamon on it! It is held in place by metal brackets that say patented April 12 1892. It was once completely covered in design but the many years have worn away the design. There is still quite a bit of the design left on the top lid and around the sides. There is primarily yellow/gold and blue/beige left. The patina is amazing! There is paint that will flake off with continued time, but overall the tin is even in good shape for the age. It is free of major dents, but there are a few dings. The lid is hinged and still can go up and down with a wooden knob, but it doesn't lay completely flat see photos. The size is about 10.25" tall x8.25" deep x 8" wide. The top lid design has a man with a horse with goods slung over the horse in what looks like a town like setting. Rusty inside. 

The majority of the items in my shop are vintage or antique, e.g., have been used. Vintage and antique items by their very nature have some wear, imperfections, and signs of age/time. This is what gives them their character, charm, and collectability. Please examine the photos carefully for any flaws that I may have missed in my description. My photos are considered part of the item’s description. Also, please feel free to message for more photos and or details.